100% Hand Painted Oil Paintings

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Finding Products

Our website is divided into many sections. Each section's name appears in bold on the navigation bar located at the top of each page. To browse in a particular section, just click on the link that corresponds to the section you want. Once you have navigated to that section, a list of categories and subcategories in that section will appear on the left bar.


You may search for more than one word at a time.

You don't need to capitalize or pluralize words. Entering "Van Gogh," "VAN GOGH" or "van gogh’s" will return the same results.

Use specific words if you are searching for specific paintings. A search for "Vincent van Gogh, A Starry Night" will return better results than just "van Gogh."

It is not necessary to use "and" to link related words. For example, "van Gogh" is the same as "van" and "Gogh."

Questions and Concerns

Should you have any additional questions about Searching, please email us at 1startgallery@gmail.com. We will investigate your question, respond to your inquiry, and attempt to resolve any concern regarding your question.