100% Hand Painted Oil Paintings

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How We Work

Our highly disciplined painting procedures have created a distinct reputation for our company and a unique brand identity for the products we produce. Our reproduced artworks exhibit breathtaking resemblance to their source and our custom paintings transcend their initial purposes to express timeless cultural and personal values.

1. Development & Sketching

The first step involves a vigorous development process, in which we assess the basic elements of the painting. Depending on the results of our assessment, we assign the most suitable artist to work on the painting. The assigned artist then works on the painting on an exclusive, first-priority basis until the painting is complete.

Then we focus on the overall composition of the painting, in which we identify and then sketch all the key points and elements of the painting onto the canvas, such as its shapes, sizes, and figures.

2. Painting

The second step involves layering the sketch created from step two with colors. The layering process takes place over a period of several days and may be colored, re-colored, and polished several times to flesh out the basic shapes, colors, edges, and the background of the painting.

3. Detailing & Styling

The third step involves color relationships, creating an overall color scheme and playing with light and dark values, to capture the nuances of the painting.

This step requires tremendous artistry and involves replicating certain effects used by the original artists. Every artist possesses his or her own unique style, stroke, and technique used to obtain these effects. This step brings life and gives identity to the painting.

4. Shading & Drying

This step involves assembling all the elements of the painting into a detailed and coherent whole, while focusing on the creation of texture and depth via shading and color balancing.

Once the painting process has finished, the painting is left in a temperature-controlled environment to dry.

5. Inspection & Packaging

Our studios are unique in the retail business. Within a controlled environment, we are able to closely monitor the process of each painting and ensure that every painting meets our exacting standards. On staff at each of our studios is a professional team of expert quality controllers who all hold an obsession for detail and a passion for perfection. These quality controllers are instilled with the confidence and trust to consistently deliver quality products to our customers on time. Once paintings have passed the inspection phase, our paintings are coated with a variety of preserving varnishes, covered with a protective sheet and film, and then carefully placed in a durable package with protective materials before it’s shipped.

Our paintings undergo six major processes – development, sketching, painting, detailing, styling, and shading. The purpose of each process is to ensure that the creation of these paintings follow the best production path within our strict quality parameters. The complexity of each painting and all of its elements creates a very complex and time-consuming process. The table below depicts, in a very general manner, a timeline for our painting process, and describes the six general phases that constitute the process and their components.