100% Hand Painted Oil Paintings

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Facilities & Materials

We believe our experience, creative talent, scale of operations, and production proficiency is beyond the scope of any of our competitors. We maintain 2 state-of-the-art production studios around the world to house our talented band of artists and to provide a working environment that harnesses creative growth and ensures that only the highest quality, hand-made paintings are produced.

Our studios are unique in the retail business and are certified by a team of expert quality auditors. We are able to closely monitor the process of each painting and ensure it meets our exacting standards. On staff at each of our studios is a professional team of expert quality controllers who all hold an obsession for detail and a passion for perfection. These quality controllers are instilled with the confidence and trust to consistently deliver quality products to our customers on time. Every one of our quality controllers is required to go through a rigorous quality control instruction program prior to grading paintings.


Our first-class team of artists utilizes only the finest and dependable materials available, resulting in extraordinary works that meet and exceed the high demands of our customers.


Depending on the style, complexity or request of the customer, we use the finest imported oils available in the market, such as Blockx and Winsor & Newton.

Since its inception in 1832, Winsor & Newton has been manufacturing "The World's Finest Art Materials." Winsor & Newton have built their reputation on the quality and reliability of their products, combined with continual product development, improvement and innovation. Winsor & Newton paints are used only under special requests.

Founded in 1865 by Jacques Blockx I, Blockx has been recognized worldwide for its extra-fine oil colors. Five generations of renowned chemists and colorists have been working to perfect the Blockx color varietals. Today, Blockx perpetuates the tradition and offers the best quality products to artists.


Primed cotton canvases are the traditional and most commonly used canvases for oil paintings. They are good for stability and offer proven longevity and a surface that will not flex. Their range consists of carefully selected and prepared stretched cotton to ensure outstanding quality, making the range more comprehensive and thus ideal for heavy application of color. Their surface has been triple coated, consisting of two different coats of highly pigmented primer and one coat of acid free titanium gesso sizing.

Linen canvases are the highest quality canvases available. Our medium grain canvases are made from 100% traditional linen cloth and are the preferred surface for professional artists. It is ideal for all techniques, including heavier applications of colors. They are primed with two coats of highly pigmented primer. The primers are perfectly balanced in terms of its absorbency and tooth essential for preventing the sinking of oil colors, and thereby improving its adhesion rate. Linen canvases are used only under special requests.

Rolled Canvas

In this canvas orientation, the painting is rolled and sleeved in a secured mailing tube. This orientation is ideal if you intend to frame or customize the canvas yourself. We leave approximately 2" of workable empty spaces on all four sides to accommodate future modifications. The advantage of this orientation is more flexibility in print sizing, whereas the stretched orientation is limited by dimension of stretcher bars.