100% Hand Painted Oil Paintings

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About Us

A1Reproductions.com was founded in 2002 as an integrated art reproduction company based in Los Angeles, California. We have distribution hubs in Texas, Illinois, New York, and California with representation in Europe and Asia. We are regarded as one of the most respected art reproduction companies in the world. We produce the best quality hand-made oil reproductions and custom paintings at an affordable price.

Our inventory spans across 100 artists, 30 art movements and 20,000 paintings. We employ world-class talent at all levels — a fine creative family in the world, a savvy and knowledgeable management team, a full customer support staff and 50 full time artists. We operate our of three offices and two production studios. Since our inception, we continue to achieve unprecedented success in our industry.


We care deeply about the human experience. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to make art an uplifting, yet affordable part of people's lives. We understand that the value of our paintings extends beyond color and design. Our paintings capture the spirit of their surroundings and helps bring out a room’s unique attributes. It unlocks the potential of a place, organization, or company to tell a powerful story—one that displays its intrinsic characteristics and values. Beyond that, our paintings have a uniquely profound influence on people because it inspires and drives an experience that connects with them on an emotional level. We create and recreate art to enrich peoples’ lives.

Our work reflects our enduring commitment to excellence. The everyday passion and enthusiasm of our staff matched with the quality of our paintings enable us to build a rewarding relationship with our customers. This principal is deeply ingrained in the spirit of A1. It has helped position us at the forefront of the art world and continues to expand our repertoire in an increasingly competitive space.